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Balaam cautions King Michael on supporting NRM for the wrong reasons

Yesterday, singer King Michael came out and pointed fingers at events promoter Balaam Barugahara for blocking him from accessing the President of Uganda. King Michael went ahead to ask Balaam to stop involving himself in matters that don’t concern him.

When Balaam was approached to speak about the allegations imposed on him by the singer, he said the President is not supposed to clear anyone’s debts but he gave King Michael money to help him boost his business just like the way he helps youth Saccos

“So if King Michael has a debt and wants to see the president, he should write to him or go and look for Catherine Kusasira since he says Kusasira is the one responsible. He should stop talking about me because I am is not a statehouse employee but rather a supporter of the President and the NRM party.” Balaam said.

The event’s promoter went on to advise King Micheal to the support the party not because he wants money from it but because the party gives him an opportunity to make money just like young Mulo, Nubian Lee and Hilderman do for Bobi Wine.

“Don’t support NRM to get free money and stop that behavior of begging, there are patients in Kiruddu hospital that luck medicine, people in Karamoja want schools built and you want the president to clear your debts, stop making the situation hard for the president.” Said a calm Balaam.

He concluded by asking the press to stop asking him about Michael noting that he can only talk about people worth talking about like Bebe Cool, Jose Chameleone and Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

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