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Bad black battling debts, money lender speaks out

Socialite Bad Black

Socialite Bad Black is in debt, a money lender has spoken out. 

Identified as Mercy Mika, the moneylender claims Bad Black has blocked her from all social media and contacts, for demanding for her money. 

Mika says Bad Black sought her financial rescue one night when her child was apparently sick. 

“Bad black sent me a message on Saturday as I was leaving Club Guvnor. She told me- Mercy, I need your urgent help. My child is sick. Please help me with any amount of money you have, so I am able to take him to the hospital. I do not have cash, my ATM has a problem,” Mika said. 

“I sent her the money and she promised to send it the following day. When I called her the next morning, she made her number busy and blocked me. So I went to Facebook messenger and sent her a message, but she still didn’t respond. I posted on my Facebook status and also asked Ray to post for me.”

Mika says she has been friends with Bad Black since 2010. 

“I have no problem with her, I do not hate her. What hurts me is she asked for my hard-earned money and blocked me. She should have explained to me, I would have understood her situation.” 

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