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Ang3lina: That girl from Uganda

UK to Uganda: Ang3lina was born in United Kingdom and visits Uganda every two years. She is behind songs such as ‘Go Down’, ‘Na Na Na’, ‘You & Me’ and ‘Kansonso’ on which she features Daddy Andre and Rickman. The singer, real name Angela Nabuufu, is in town to promote her song, Drum Drum. EDGAR R. BATTE caught up with the singer on what it means to be based in the diaspora with a local touch.

You are based in the UK, isn’t it hard marketing your music back home?

There is some difficulty of course but I am doing a good job pumping the music so that it gets played. You can say that if I came back here, it might work out better, but I would never know.

What does it feel like being a local artiste based abroad?

Music out there is not so big. If there are events, organisers hook me up and I perform but I am mostly doing my day-to-day work because I have another job apart from music. I am into real estate; renting and selling properties. I have not tried to market my music there but it is something I want to try and share because I feel like I could break into that market as well. For the last few years, I have been focused on Uganda. I am going to try and push harder in London as well.

Since your collaboration with Rickman, a rumour has been flying around that you have a thing going on. What kind of relationship do you have?

Rickman is like a brother to me. He has a girlfriend and I am good friends with her, so there is absolutely nothing going on. I would say the relationship we have is one of a brother and sister. He sees me as his sister. He calls me up sometimes for advice. Of course, we have been working together as well but it is strictly family vibes. Last year, we did Touching Body, then a dedication to fallen artiste Mowzey Radio, titled Tekako Ka Radio and also, we randomly did a song with Andre called Kansonso, for our fans to listen on You Tube. We have not done anything new this year but I have been doing some other collaborations here.

Talking of Daddy Andre, you did the original of You & Me with him, which he redid with Lydia Jazmine and it ended up blowing up. How did this leave your relationship with the producer?

You know what, there was a bit of miscommunication. The situation was not handled professionally but we are now on good terms. Andre and I are cool. We let that go so there is no bad blood between us or with Lydia Jazmine. And it was not about the song becoming big. The song was going to become big regardless because it was a good song but as artistes, we go through these things. I think every artiste has gone through a similar experience. It is cool. I am in a good place right now. I am still writing, releasing and producing music. Usually I produce my songs and send them to another producer to mix and master them because I am not good at mixing and mastering, and I believe as a producer, you cannot do everything.

Speaking of writing and releasing music, which artistes do you respect and do you have any planned collaborations?

Right now my respect and dream collaboration would be with Maddox Ssematimba. He is a legend and I love his music. It is timeless. I feel a music collaboration with him would be the biggest tick in my music career. It would play for years and years. I have heard that he does not do collabos but I am praying about it.

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