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A new decade is upon us; what’s the plan?

Making Plans: New Year resolutions are a thing, and whether or not they are achieved, is a chat for another day. For celebrities, goals have to be set every day and if you did not make that Bebe Cool list (King Saha, please take a seat!), then most likely more work has to be done. Nicolas Akasula sought out some celebs on their plans for 2020.

Ben Mwine, Media personality: Dedicate more time to God

My plan is to dedicate more time to preaching and teaching the word of God, to be a more engaged husband, father and friend, to be more proactive about building my brand as a conference moderator/events host. As you grow older you begin to shrink your list of things to focus on and that is what I am doing.

Lucky for me, I always achieve my New Year resolutions and that is mostly because I try not to be too ambitious with my resolutions and usually set smart goals which must be attainable within the year. My message for 2020 is that as we go into a very tricky political season for Uganda, may we all remember that Uganda will outlive all of us. Let’s do everything to make it better for our children and their children.

Nutty Neithan, Artiste: Release a 100-track album

Last year I released an album with 44 songs. I wanted to release the largest album in Uganda and I made it happen. This year I intend to release one with 100 quality songs. I believe there is space for good music in the industry. Usually when I set resolutions, I hit close to the target, which works for me. And my trick is… no pressure. My message to the fans is to check out my Freedom album and I wish you all a happy 2020!

Richard Kawessa, Singer: Finish my album

I plan to be more just, productive and orderly in what I think, say and do. Life is so unpredictable, especially in our part of the world, as there are simply too many moving parts that are not in one’s control. Therefore, instead of setting materialistic resolutions, I decided to make personal development resolutions that I have full control over. I am confident that the more I become just, productive and orderly, the more I will achieve all-round growth and peace.

This year, I intend to finish my album. I achieved 70 per cent of the work in 2018, set a new goal to complete it in 2019, which I did not achieve, sadly. I have come to appreciate productivity. Therefore, I am committed this year to creating more value, in a just, timely and orderly manner, and hope that this can translate into materialistic achievements and enhanced goodwill for myself, family and country.

Joanita Lubega, musician: Invest in my talent

My plan this year is to make new music and new videos. I hope to invest in my talent, art and vocals and become better. I also wish to grow in all the other areas of my career, and I anticipate more concerts this year. I want to push myself to be the best artiste and performer I can be, and also plan to better my songwriting. Often I achieve 99 per cent of my New Year’s resolutions, because whatever I set my mind to do, I go in with all of my heart. I have high expectations, although God’s plan is what I desire most at the end of the day.

This year, I look forward to meeting new fans, and coming to perform “live” in Uganda.

Hellen Lukoma, Artiste: Love myself a little bit more

Usually when people make resolutions, they are thinking about making money, buying a car or travelling the world, but for me, it will be about loving me and my family a little more. Having a Range Rover will not bring me happiness. Material things come and go. If you do not love yourself, then you do not wish yourself well, and definitely cannot wish others well. I normally achieve 50 per cent of my New Year’s resolutions and I think when you believe you achieve but you have to put in the work too. You do not just wake up and have a car or have your career skyrocketing; you work hard and put in effort every day as you pray to God.

I am always carrying my music and acting everywhere I go, it is who I am and I am not dropping this. I will not promise to have a hit song this year, but I am here and I will keep working for my people and myself. My message to everyone is not to give up on me.

Herbert Skillz, Producer: Focus on international works

My plans are to travel to London to finish work on a very big album by Jethro Sheeran ft. Ed Sheeran, Capleton, Sean Mendes, Sizzla, Wayne Wonder, Kaka and other international artistes. Also hopefully, I look forward to earning a film deal, for one of the songs, having international video shoots in Uganda, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Morocco and Denmark. Plus, I hope to go on tour for the album, thanks to support from all those great artistes, and my wife Jade, who doubles as my manager. Sometimes plans change, and the time is not right, but you learn a lot by being patient. I wish everyone a great 2020.

Angela Katatumba, Businesswoman: Focus on the hotel business

My plan is to continue renovating Hotel Diplomaté. We recently opened a new bar called The View Point, which successfully hosted the December 31 2019, New Year’s Eve Fireworks, with more than 600 people in attendance. So I intend to throw more events at the hotel and also hope to continue fighting my father’s court cases against Shumuk, and God willing we will be victorious.

I always achieve some of the resolutions I set, but sometimes life happens and certain situations force us to change direction. However, my trick to achieving them is being focused, committed, alert, organised and never giving up. I pray that 2020 will be kind, prosperous, and exciting for all of us.

Ganda boys, Artistes: Submitting for the Grammys

Ours is to reach out to wider and diverse audiences, continuing to drive the message of love, tolerance, and peace through our music. We also plan on finishing our collaboration album with various artistes, and submitting our music for the Grammys 2020/21. On our charity side (Ganda Foundation), we intend to reach more girls through our Period Poverty Campaign, and help more hospitals and schools. We feel that it is our life mission to accomplish the above, and leave a better world for the future generation. Our pending action points are always pushed to the following year, although we aim to cover as much as we can. We live each day as if it was our last, and that is our trick.

Ritah Kaggwa, Blogger: Finish my house and PhD

My plan this year is to focus on motherhood, since I will be a new mum soon. We have plans laid already, although we cannot stop nature. I will also be finishing up my house in Uganda, which is in its final stages, and I also intend to acquire another house in my second home – Nigeria. And lastly will be finalising my PhD, which I have failed to do the past years. To achieve my resolutions, I always set in my mind an accountability mechanism. I believe that a resolution should be a demand you put on yourself, and that’s how I manage mine.

Kenneth Kimuli, Comedian: Reconnecting with family

I purpose to invest more time in reconnecting with my family and friends. I had a great time last year identifying with my constituency, and it took much of my time that I would have spent performing on stage. Nevertheless, I have planned a number of shows, which will compensate for the lost time. We have a television show in the works and I am also figuring out how to help the boychild, so it is going to be a busy year. It will take God’s grace to see us through.

I took a break last year after 15 years of non-stop performing, to reinvent myself. However, it came at a cost and people kept asking if I had quit the trade. And I am glad to say that I will be more in your face this year.

I always achieve my resolutions and the trick is always setting what I can achieve. It is always good to under promise yourself, that way, you end up delivering.

Otherwise people should brace themselves for laughter this year, regardless of the political tension that will manifest as the year progresses.

Simon Njala, TV host : Minding my health

I never make resolutions, but rather I set goals that I strive to live upto. I do short, medium and long term goals. However, my plans this year can be summed up in health, family, work and politics. Being on the 4th floor, keeping healthy and family is key.

Also, being a media personality requires a 360 degree of alertness, and being on top of the game, so I will be working on that too. Unlike the past years, I would love more Ugandans to join philanthropy, get interested in politics, and have free minds. I would also love to see a country where people boldly stand up to anything nonsensical.

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