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Museveni gives Ebonies Shs100m


President Museveni shakes hands with Ebonies dramatists at Theatre La Bonita during Dr Bbosa’s 33 years of acting concert on December 5, 2019. PPU PHOTOS

President Museveni Thursday evening gave celebrated Ebonies dramatists led by Sam Bagenda popularly known as Dr Bbosa Shs100 million.

The president had graced Dr Bbosa’s concert to mark 33 years of acting at Theatre La Bonita. President Museveni arrived at the concert in the evening and was received by Dr Bbosa and the State Minister for Works, Gen Katumba Wamala.


“Who am I to host the head of State? In 33 years I have spent on this stage. I thank all of you for the love. I have reached the epitome. Thank you, Mr President, for honouring my invitation and coming to celebrate with me. Whenever I meet elderly people, they say they have been watching my skits since they were still toddlers,” said Dr Bbosa, a 2016 recipient of national Heroes Day medal from President Museveni.


“You have now shown me what I have been missing for the last 55 years. This is because I used to be very active in drama in school. I took part in the play of “Murder in the Cathedral” then “Julius Caesar“…However, from 1965, I got involved in the political struggles and I have never had time for anything else. When I was there seated and watching, I said I have been missing out on the pleasures these people enjoy because it was fun, educative. But I have not had time to interact with the dramatists for a very long time. I thank you for inviting me today. I thank you for utilizing the opportunities brought by the NRM to develop your talents,” President said amid cheers from the revellers.


The president said he started watching Dr Bbosa’s skits when he had just returned from the guerrilla struggle.

“When we had just come from the bush, I used to watch Uganda Television. I used to see him (points at Dr Bbosa). That time they used to undermine people from Kiboga. But I knew that with peace, people are bound to develop talent in different directions. This is my first time to be here and therefore I will support you with Shs100 million,” President Museveni said before posing for a group photo with the dramatists.


The event was also graced by several other public figures including Prince David Kintu Wasajja, brother to Kabaka Ronald Mutebi and Pastor Wilson Bugembe.

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