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Mbonye followers sue government over immunisation case

Two followers of Zoe ministries lead pastor, Prophet Elvis Allan Mbonye have filed a court case against government for allegedly violating his rights.

In their law suit filed before the High Court in Kampala, the two followers Mr Simon Ssenyonga and Mr Amos Musheija, are seeking a court declaration that placing Mbonye on police bond for three months is an infringement and a violation of his pre-trial rights and his fundamental right to a fair hearing as protected by the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda.

The respondents in this case are the Criminal Investigations and the Intelligence Directorate (CIID) boss Ms Grace Akullo, Acting Commissioner Henry Mugumya and the Attorney General.

The suit came shortly after an ultimatum issued by the lawyers of Zoe Ministries giving the CIID up to December 13 to respond with an update on the investigations in a case where Prophet Mbonye is accused of allegedly posting misleading statements on his Facebook page deemed to be decampaigning the immunisation exercise.

His followers claim that Prophet Mbonye has subsequently been subjected to stringent conditions of police bond for over three months without just cause by the respondents who have acted very unprofessionally.

“That painstakingly slow progress of police investigations on the part of police seem to appear deliberate and intended to humiliate my spiritual father and church leader for no just cause,” reads part of their sworn affidavit in court.

Adding: “Prophet Mboye has been subjected to numerous unnecessary, unending and disruptive appearances at the CIID offices in light of the stringent police bond requirements”.

Court documents further indicate that the police bond placed against Prophet Mbonye has exposed him to anxiety, concern and stigma of exposure to criminal proceedings.

Through their lawyers of Walyemera & Co. Advocates, the followers want the respondents to compensate Prophet Mbonye Shs1billion and an order discharging Ms Akullo and Mr Mugumya from their duties in Police or in alternative directing the relevant agencies of government to take swift and severe disciplinary action against them.

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