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Stand Up and Slam night brings out young revelers

The weekly Stand up and Slam night at Arena Bar & Grill in Kisementi was telling last Friday, to say the least. First of all, it was a night of uncertainty. There were only two performers of the slated 15. And the natives were restless, they needed the Full Monty of artistes to slake their appetites for showing up on this particular night. They could have been chilling with the classy Jidenna, you know. After all, he is a Classic Man.

At Arena Bar & Grill, several young word-artists converged, with Haile Shamar Lidde, the songstress, protected us from any dull moment as she nurtured our willingness to be entertained.
Her full-throated voice hit high and low registers with a transcendent vibrato as the number of rowdy adolescents challenged the host, Philip Matogo, to his status of being the life the party.

They were not interested in what Standup & SLAM represented, until Haile’s vocal range spanned from alto to soprano with the ease with which a churchgoer says “Jesus!” Strengthened by flawless musicianship, she scaled every other note with intonations.

Then there was Adile, the rapper, who used the moment to announce his Kanye Western style of hip Hop. He was truly sensational as he celebrated his graduation as a lawyer. Although his kind always are endowed with tact, Adile’s punches cannot be pulled; his natural skills must break free as he expresses his soul to the max, and that’s what he did on Friday.

Young Standup comedian Emmanuel Ekeesit’s spot on Donald Trump & Eddie Kenzo impressions were a winning match. In the end, the two-hour show was a winner on so many levels. The next and last show this year will be on Friday.

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