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VIDEO:Mayanja family celebrate Christmas with mini show

Chameleone hugs his father after the performances as his mother looks on

Christmas is usually a day when families get together not only to eat but to unite and share fond memories as a way to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

This was no exception for the the Mayanja family that has musician brothers Joseph Mayanja a.k.a Jose Chameleone, Pius Mayanja a.k.a Pallaso and Douglas Mayanja commonly known as Weasal.

The three boys and the rest of the family and a few friends celebrated the day with their parents Gerald and Prossy Mayanja at their residence. After enjoying a good meal, they converged and had a light moment.

Each of them lead by Jose Chameleone sung one song for the parents and the guests. Chameleone sung his hit ‘Champion’ and told his parents music is the reason he has traveled the world.

“No matter how high we spring, Foundation is most important.

I have been around the world entertaining and teaching thru my God blessed talent – Music.

Never have I ever done it for the people who harvested such a Great seed.

    Today, As we collectively joined to celebrate the birth of Christ. I decided to give my family most especially my Father and Mother a share of what has taken me to the world stage!!!

My First Christmas Show was for the Great man and Woman who cultivated a Legendary seed and many more. I love you daddy + Mummy and all my family world wide. Merry Christmas ??May we all achieve greatness and beyond!! To my Dad and Mom I will always be a Child?


Chameleone posted on his social media pages.

Pallaso who first wished his family a Merry Christmas before performing did ‘Ekiro munzikiza’ while Weasel did ‘Obudde’ that got everyone on their feet. A friend to the family paid tribute to Akay 47 by singing ‘Tukikolemu’ one of his last songs.

The performances were crowned by their father Gerald Mayanja who together with the family sung ‘Mary’s boy child’.

After the performances they hugged and confirmed that unity is all we need to move forward.

It should be remembered that the Mayanja brothers had been at for with each mother over a long time until recently when they decided to put their differences aside and prosper together.

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