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Jidenna ,Toniks spice up Blankets and Wine

Jidenna got the crowd screaming and dancing to his performance

The abrupt change of venue from cricket Oval to Indian Association Grounds a few days to the event brought a lot of mixed reactions about the 24th edition of Blankets and Wine but the change was a blessing in disguise as this edition can go down in history as one of the most attended events of the year.

It was a very bad scene as people who had paid shs100,000 to attend the event had to go through a hustle to access the event. One would take about three hours in the long queue to enter while many decided to let it go. However, for the thousands that managed to access the venue, the hustle of getting in was worth it because of the splendid performances.

Toniks delivered beyond expectation and left fans satisfied

Usually by 10pm, the headlining act would be finishing up with his/her performance but not this time round. By this time, revelers hadn’t yet seen Toniks and Jidenna who were the headlining acts.

At around 10:30pm, Toniks got on stage and was at his best as he gave it his all. It’s as though he came to prove to the world he still has energy in him. He performed songs like ‘Itano’, Beera nange’ ‘Romance’, ‘Ningenda yoona’ and his latest ‘Sunday’ along with Roja and SlickStuart.

Revellers having a good time at the do

Then the moment everyone had been waiting for came a few minutes to 11pm. Going by Jidenna’s performance at the Asfas, the best was yet to come.

He jumped onto the stage and wasted no time getting fans into the groove as he pulled off an energetic but brief performance. He sung smash hits like ‘Classic Man’, ‘Boomerang’, ‘Particular’, ‘Little Bit More’ and ‘Bambi’ that set the place “ablaze” as many echoed the lyrics like they were his back-up singers.

Deedan and her co-host had fun on the job

Before the headlining acts performed, artists like Evon, Shawn Maine, Apio Moro and Koojo kept the crowds entertained for the better part of the jam-packed Sunday Afro-music extravaganza performing songs infused with both Afro-soul and contemporary urban music, not forgetting the DJs that kept revelers lively as the evening crept in during the Tusker malt sponsored event.

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