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The top 6 songs of 2019

We still have a few days to go to the end of the year. A year that has seen artistes work so hard to either remain relevant or make an impression. Some have managed to pass the test while others have failed. It is on this note that we look at some of the songs that have stood the test this year.

Parte after parte- Big Trill

Tracing back Big Trill, he was emerged as a member of Baboon Forest which was an all-Hiphop group that was started by GNL Zamba with Mun G being the other member. He might have been the weak link in the group going by the number of hits from GNL and Mun G over the years but Big Trill’s ‘parte parte’ is playing out to be the biggest song from Uganda over the last decade. The song is a hit and not just in Uganda but Africa and still growing. The song has been endorsed by celebrities like Cardi B and her boyfriend Offset, Wizkid, Davido, Olamide, Adebayo and Zlatan among others.

Gutujja-B2C and Rema Namakula

Before Parte after parte, everyone was jamming to Gutujja. It dominated charts for more than five months. It’s one of the few Ugandan songs this year to reach 3million views and counting. The chemistry between them both was splendid, everything was on point, starting with the audio, the video even the outfits. The song can’t miss on ceremonies like Kwanjula and weedings. Some people would argue that it’s indeed the song of the year.

Spice Diana

Omusheshe-Spice Diana and Ray G

Before this song, Ray G was only known in the western part of Uganda while Spice Diana is like any other musician who has had songs but none had taken the country by storm like ‘Omusheshe’. Their chemistry on this track did magic because immediately the song was released it was like a time bomb. The song topped charts in Uganda and by now Ray G is one of the biggest artistes in western Uganda not forgetting that he held a sold-out concert in Mbarara because of this song.

Gospel artiste Levixone

Chikibombe- Levixone

Levixone is a gospel artiste who has worked his way to the top and these two years have really been splendid to him. Last year he gave us ‘Turn da replay’ and just when many thought he had exhausted his music, he bounced back with ‘Chikibombe’ this year. Only few artistes have managed to do this, following up a big hit or bigger from another hit. Levixone’s music has penetrated secular circles in that you will find deejays playing his songs in night clubs.

John Blaq

Do dat-John Blaq

John Blaq has just had a sold-out concert at freedom city and this was because of his music, majorly because of songs like ‘Do Dat’ among others. He is among the very few artistes who have managed to release hit after hit just this year. He has been voted artiste of the year in several awards and he truly deserves it. He has worked really hard and ‘Do dat’ has been that song to make it better for him.

Bebe Cool

Wire Wire- Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool has made it a tendency to oust hits over the last 20 years or so and this year, he has made not just one or two but three hits in ‘Nkuliyo’, ‘Eazy’ and ‘Wire wire’. These songs have each received equal airplay but ‘Wire wire’ has somehow penetrated more than the other two. Not even his other collabos have shaken it. It’s the last song that Bebe Cool performs on every event he sings on and the crowds keep loving it. The song has been on top for more than three months and it still sounds fresh.

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