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Socialites fight: Bad Black hits Don Bahati with wine Glass

Bad Black with Bahati at Guvnor last night

Gone are the days when we had December massive parties hosted by Ugandans living and working in the Diaspora. Among these were the Zari All white party, Ivan Ssemwanga’s Rich Gang Party and Don Zella’s Gal Power among others. This December, only one event was hosted by socialite Don Bahati Lubega and this took place last night at Club Guvnor.

The Party that was hosted on Boxing Day dubbed ‘Money and Fame’ brought together fans and friends of Don Bahati and Bad Black who was in attendance and was apparently invited and perhaps paid by Bahati to show face. During the night while the whole club was having fan, Don Bahati gave a speech and it was when he talked about an upcoming singer called Carl Famous who did a song praising him as a person and in pay back, he gave the singer a brand new car.

It is said that when he still had the microphone, he talked about how Bad Black is no longer rich and has no money and that angered Bad Black who then hit him with a wine glass. According to Don Bahati, he was begged to allow Bad Black attend the party but he doesn’t know why she hit him with a glass because he thinks she is frustrated for being broke.

“I didn’t make Bad Black broke and she should just hate herself, it is not my problem to be rich, I work hard and I advise her to also go and work hard” said Bahati who filed a case against Bad Black this morning.

Bad black also took to social media to mock the socialite asking if she had hit him enough, “Don bahati? Kasukali keko” she posted. She went ahead to ask what those who has invited her for parties in December have benefited, “Kyakuyiga ki kyofunye mu kino before inviting BADBLACK ku party yo especially n dec” she posted on her Facebook page.

Bahati filed the case against Bad Black from Jinja Road Police station under REF: 02/27/12/209

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