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Singer Grenade apologizes, blames love

Grenade Official has made headlines this past weekend but for the wrong reasons. The musician is allegedly said to have involved himself in homosexuality practices by his former girlfriend Maggie Kiweesi who also happens to be the mother of the late AK47’s twins.

In an audio that made rounds on social media, Maggie made those allegations but yesterday, the ‘Nkuloga’ artiste came out and apologized to his fans and everyone with interest in him.

He said that whatever was said was because of love and that he’s sorry to everyone that got concerned and affected.

“A lot is happening on social media. I would like to apologies to my loved ones and everyone whose name was mentioned,” said Grenade in a social media clip. “I’m 21 years. I’m young in mind, I’m still learning. Everything is a lesson and what has happened has also taught me so much. This was all about love.” He added.

The 21-year-old admitted that his young age might be the main reason why he has done so many mistakes but because of the new management, it’s time to change his life going forward.

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