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Suubi, Mugabi kickoff Christmas celebrations soulfully

Kenneth Mugabi amused bySandra Suubi’s vocals. Photo by Gabriel Buule

It has been a year since Afro- Soul as a music genre proved its place in Uganda’s music industry that right from Kenneth Mugabi’s unveiling, many Afro-soul musicians happened to curate shows in various venues.

Pastor Justine Nabbosa performing at the do. Photo by Gabriel Buule

For the few notable faces who have been missing in the trend was singer Sandra Suubi of ‘Togwaamu Suubi’ finally curated a show dubbed Christmas in Kampala at Fido Dido auditorium.

Suubi’ s Christmas in Kampala was graced by Pastor Justine Nabbosa and Kenneth Mugabi and the worry by the audience was whether the intimate Kenneth Mugabi would have his numbers rhyme well at a Christmas carols .

The audience enjoying the show. Photo by Gabriel Buule

Sandra who is a powerful vocalist proved doubters wrong as she faced off with Kenneth Mugabi to put up an amazing performance blending Christian hymns with their original songs.

The two made it fun for their audience that after making a statement with ‘O’ come ye all Faithful’, they treated fans to a few songs by Boney-M. Mugabi who did a rendition of Philly Bongole Lutaaya ‘Yesu azaliddwa’ was later provoked by fans to do his signature tunes ‘Naaki’ and ‘Kibunoomu’.

Sandra wowed when she graced the stage with contemporary dancers to perform to her famed song ‘Togwaamu Suubi’.

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