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Mbonye follower petitions court over persecution


Prophet Elvis Mbonye

A follower of Prophet Elvis Allan Mbonye has petitioned the High Court in Kampala, alleging persecution for standing against the proposed religious and faith organisations policy aimed at regulating churches.

Mr Collins Tugumisirize states that there are many good laws to deal with any mischief that the proposal intends to prevent.

“Already those leaders from the body of Christ, who have taken a stand against the policy have faced some form of persecution by the authorities, including Prophet Elvis Allan Mbonye with no justifiable cause for the unwarranted charges,” Mr Tugumisirize’s affidavit, which he filed yesterday, reads in part.

“Even when the police have been asked to expedite their investigations by the Directorate of Public Prosecutions, they have failed to do so to date,” he added.

In 2017, the Ministry of Ethics and Integrity proposed a policy to regulate religious faith-based organisations in Uganda.

It proposes that for one to start up a church, they must possess a Bachelor’s degree in Theology.

Addressing journalists after filing the petition, Mr Tugumisirize said they would not watch as acts of injustices are being promoted.


“We cannot see this going on and we just sit back because if it goes on, other religions will eventually be affected. Such acts just trigger off other injustices and before you know it, government may start denying businessmen contracts basing on their religious differences,” he said.

Mr Tugumisirize rejected the idea of consulting religious leaders, saying that would not reflect the public’s view.

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