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Jidenna jumps onto #SaveMurchisonFalls campaign

“I know that there is a plan to build a dam on Murchison and personally I’m not from here but as a human being that would desecrate the falls themselves, there is a hashtag going around saying #SaveMurchison just so that we can preserve the natural beauty that is already here and the way that the earth made it.”

That statement did not come from a minister or Member of Parliament. It came from Jidenna, an American-based Nigerian artiste who was in Uganda a couple of days ago who made the statements standing right behind the Murchison falls where he had gone to tour.

Jidenna was in Uganda for a week and promised to come back, not to perform, but for a vacation because of the beauty of Uganda. His statements come just after another celebrated American Hollywood celebrity Koshie Mills called for the preservation of the falls.

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