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Jeff Kiwa and Etania under the tree k.i.s.s.i.n.g?

Team No Sleep boss Jeff Kiwa is a very secretive man and in all the time he has been around, we have not been able to point fingers at any one of his relationships.

For long, there has been a rumour that Kiwa had a thing going on with his biggest moneymaker, Sheebah, but it looks like the story is changing. The latest we have is that Kiwa is dating one of Kampala’s top party girls, Etania.

Gossip we gathered from sources close to the two is that Kiwa is madly in love and to leave us probably talking even more, there is a song to that effect. The song, Etania, by Topic Kasente of TNS, will probably hit airwaves soon since we have seen teasers on both Kiwa and Topic’s Instagram pages.

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