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It’s a festive season with art at Nommo gallery

Art piece by local artiste Katesi Kalange Photo by Gabriel Buule

The festive season and art are no strangers that art exhibitions are always planned during holidays to tap from tourists who are on holidays and art lovers who are always busy at work to attend art exhibitions.

For the Uganda, Nommo gallery a conglomerate of the Uganda National Cultural Centre has created a chance for art lovers and families to have a view at original piece of art and a selection of paintings produced by local artists of all ages and abilities.

The exhibition dubbed “The Long Wait” which was curated by artist and National theatres official curator Mr Philip Balimunsi runs from 20th December, 2019 – 20th January, 2020 and it is open to the general public at no fee.

Mr Robert Musiitwa the Public relations manager of the Uganda National Cultural Centre revealed that the exhibition aims at making the public appreciate visual arts and it is designed in a manner that suits every one with participation of several local artistes.

“Visual  arts is a less known art form compared to performing arts , and we believe the festive season is the right  time to tap from the people who are in holidays to make them relater with visual art and appreciate it more” Robert Musiitwa

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