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If Rema owes you money, bring evidence- Manager 

Rema Namakula on her introduction ceremony. PHOTO | DYNAMIC WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY

Rema Namakula’s manager, Godfrey Kayemba has denied allegations that the artiste is choking on debts.

A few weeks ago, Rema’s car was rumoured to be on sale. Today, New Vision reported that the vehicle was spotted in a car bond. Other bloggers alleged that the artiste was selling it off after she ran bankrupt due to plenty of debts accrued during her splashy introduction ceremony. 

However, in a phone interview with Spark TV, Kayemba disputed the rumours and tasked whoever she owes money to bring evidence.

If Rema owes anyone money, they should come out and tell us how much we owe them and when we borrowed the money from them,” he said. 

Rema and Hamza during their pre-introduction photoshoot. PHOTO BY DYNAMIC WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY

Kayemba added that the said vehicle was sold off way before her introduction ceremony, but it takes a while before the names of the previous owner of the car are taken off. 

“Instead of publishing things you do not know about, why didn’t you ask first? By the way, when you take your car to the bond, they do not remove your details from the car. What if she was selling it off in order to buy a new one?”

Kayemba further added that people writing those stories are against Rema’s success, “they do not have any proof but are trying to dig lies.”

Meanwhile, her husband Hamza Ssebunya’s vehicle was also spotted at a car bond.

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