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I am still taking my time– Pr Bugembe on marriage

Pastor Wilson Bugembe

THE KNIGHT: Wilson Bugembe is a senior pastor of Worship House Church in Nansana, and a gospel singer who has released several hit songs over the years. Nicolas Akasula had a chat with him.

How are you doing with pastoral work?
We are doing well and the membership of the church has grown tremendously. There are many churches which grow with a lot of fabrication. God has enabled me to shepherd the flock together with other people minus drama. Twelve years ago, we established the church with only nine students. Today on Sunday, about 45,000 members attend the service.
The world has waited for the day you will get married in vain. Have you found a soul mate yet?
Yes, I found one. But I was heartbroken. I think I am the one to blame. I may not have done what I was supposed to do and she slipped away from my hands. It was tough moment and healing has not come easily. But there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Does it affect you when people keep asking when you will marry?
Well, I appreciate it but sometimes, I feel sorry that I do not have an answer to the most asked question. I am taking my time because lately, there are many weddings parties, but few marriages. . I will not marry because I am pushed into it. My life is about prayer and I keep praying for that too. Someday, I will have an answer to that question.
Who is your ideal woman?
I would want a God-fearing woman, who loves people, especially the unprivileged. I come from a humble background and I would love to see people supporting orphans, widows and widowers. So I would want a wife with such a heart.
Would you prefer a working woman, or stay home woman?
(Hahahahah) He chuckles… A working woman would complement my ministry.
What is your ideal engagement proposal?
I am a calm person who loves simplicity. Ringing loud bells in relationships sometimes invites unnecessary attention. I would prefer quiet and simple proposal.
How will your wedding look like?
It will be a simple one. I do not want to be like Jay Z, Rihanna, Rema or Hamza.
How long should couples date and court?
There is no standard time. But people should spend enough time to identify red flags.
Your fashion sense and lifestyle seem to differ from most pastors. Does this affect the gospel you preach in anyway?
When you read about apostles, everyone was called to reach out to a certain group of people. In business, Daily Monitor targets a certain group of people different from other newspapers. My goal is to offer a conducive environment for people grow spiritually without feeling out of place because of what they wear. I want people outside church to feel loved, and special. Church should be fun.
The Bible says when King David served his generation, he died. So it is important to identify a group of people, appreciate what they wear, how they talk or what they do and fish them out if they are on social media.
Where do you draw the inspiration for your songs?
From real life experiences. Sometimes the Holy Spirit guides me. For instance, I composed the Wanaza song after hearing angels singing its melody.

He lost most of his family members, including his parents to HIV/AIDS in the early 1990s.
Pastor Wilson Bugembe did not complete the IT course he was pursuing at Makerere University, because he could not afford tuition.
He is the proprietor of Mercy Child Care, an orphanage found in Wakiso District.
He built a church and hospital with subsidised rates for the neighbouring community.
He loves playing football and he is a fan of Barcelona FC. He also enjoys watching movies
His favourite dish is matooke and silver fish (mukene).
Some of his songs include Njagala Kumanya, Kani, Ani, Lengera Embaata, Biribabitya, Akawala ako, Sibiwulira, Wanaza.

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