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Full Figure to Sipapa: Stop violence

Jennifer Full Figure after the makeover

A few days ago socialite Sipapa was exposed for beating a man whose wife he was allegedly having an affair with.

This didn’t not go well with Sipapa that he threatened to knock down the journalists who had put the news out to the public. According to Sipapa he says he will beat up anyone that is not on his side. This is not the first time Sipapa is being accused of being violent as he has been said to beat up his wife before.

Full Figure who was appointed as one of the envoys to the president with Sipapa when they visited State House two months ago, was not happy when she heard the news. She said it is disappointing how Sipapa is threatening innocent Ugandans and it is a shaming at the same time because when the president appointed them as envoys he expected them to live an exemplary life.

Charles Sipapa (L) of Sipapa Global Entertainments-and his colleague Trevor Ssentongo (R) share a light moment with President Museveni at State House Entebbe on Wednesday Oct 30, 2019. PPU Photo

Full Figure in her words said, “some people feel like they are above the law after meeting the president. Sipapa is trying to be someone he is not because he is trying to emulate someone(refuses to mention the name).” Full Figure went on to advise him to act right because he is not above the law. “ Where is Bryan White right now, didn’t he do all these things?” Full Figure asked. She concluded by asking him to work with people and stop the violence especially now that we are in the holy month.

Meanwhile as you read this, full Figure has done a make over to fit the role assigned to her by the president, she has cut her hair short and changed her closet. How do you like her new look?

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