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Fashion designer Fatumah Asha says she’s tired of debtors 

Fatumah Asha in a jumpsuit that she wore to the ASFAs, tailored by herself

Fashion designer Fatumah Asha, well known for her unique and artsy work on most runways and red carpet events, has sent a shoutout to all her debtors. She says she is tired of the foul play and called on all who owe her money to pay back ASAP. 

In a post on her Instagram account, Asha said she has Shs8 million in debts from non-paying clients. 

Buli gwemanja yitako wano n pay my money. I have over 8m in debts nkoye obanja tebinyuma namu wadde.. awulidde ategeze omulala?Anyway happy new year loves????”

Loosely translated- “To all those that owe me any kind of money, pass by and pay my money. I have over 8m in debts, I am tired of debts, it is not fun at all. Whoever has heard, please inform another.” 

What are those things you wish people left in 2019, as we head out to explore 2020.

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