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Fally Pupa is not coming

For the past two months, Lingala fans have been preparing their waists to dance to renowned Congolese singer Fally Ipupa’s music later tonight. However this morning there was rumor that the Congolese singer was not yet in the country or even on his way to Uganda despite the fact that he knew that he was the headliner at today’s show.

There were reports making rounds about how Fally Ipupa was to fly in yesterday but unfortunately missed his flight from Kinshasa. His arrival was therefore pushed to today morning.

Neither the Congolese artiste nor his management has appeared anywhere to clarify on the matter and there was no news on his social handles about his coming to Uganda.

News reaching Sqoop desk indicates that the show has been cancelled and the organisers have confirmed this by issuing a statement  on their social media pages to confirm the allegations. In the statement, 243 Events says that Fally Ipupa will not be able to perform tomorrow as the artiste missed his scheduled flight. The events company goes ahead to apologise for all the inconveniences caused.

They however go on to assure the public that they are doing everything possible so that he can be in Uganda by Sunday 15th December for the Arua concert.

There is however no comment regarding reimbursement of individuals who already bought tickets to the event.



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