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Catherine Kusasira pelted with bottles as Full Figure is chased out of show

Singers Catherine Kusasira and Jennifer Full Figure didn’t have the best of their Boxing Day celebrations when they went out to perform. Kusasira who was meant to perform at Nabugabo beach got her performance cut short when bottles were thrown at her on stage by angry revealers.

She got on stage to start her performance with the famous song ‘Enkola Ya Taxi’ but didn’t perform for more than two minutes as empty bottles were thrown at her until she was moved off stage but organisers.

On the other hand, Full Figure who was booked at Nabugabo Sand Beach in Masaka didn’t even get on stage. As soon as the crowd saw her, they all ordered that she should leave the venue. While she was being whisked away, one of the people in the crowd said that it was the strength of the People Power movement supporters.

It is evident that what happened to Kusasira and Full Figure was political and perhaps they were hated because they support the ruling government. Bebe Cool was last year also pelted with Bottles at a show that happened at Cricket Oval in Lugogo

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