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Catherine Kusasira and Buchaman not listed as Presidential advisors

A couple of months back, the internet went wild after Catherine Kusasira and Buchaman were appointed presidential advisors by the president.

President Museveni appointed Mark Bugembe, aka Buchaman his special envoy to the ghetto in an effort to galvanize his support in Kampala slums while musician Catherine Kusasira was appointed senior presidential adviser on Kampala.

However in the new list of the cabinet that was released yesterday evening after a reshuffle, the two musicians were not named anywhere. The list only saw Hon Mukwaya Janat, Hajji Nadduli Abdul, Hon Irene Muloni, Hon Ntege Azuba and Hon Alex Onzima listed as senior presidential advisors.

The president had made the announcement on October 28 2019 while meeting NRM youth from the ghetto in Kibuye.

It should however be noted that the president has over 200 advisors so it might have been intentional not to list Kusasira and Buchaman.

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