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Bettinah warns fans against sharing her ASFA photos without approval

Perhaps it was the bad reviews that were coming through social media about her outfits for last night’s Abryans Style and Fashion Awards (ASFAs). Fashion critique and media personality Betty Nassali known to many as Bettinah Tianah is up in arms against anyone that shares her photos without her approval.

Through her social media pages, Bettinah sent a warning to anyone that wished to care to ask for her approval before sharing any photo of hers.

Dear all, this is a kind request, please don’t share any of my photos from the ASFAs last night without getting approval from me first, please ??. Awulidde ategeza omulala. Thank you for understanding and God bless you,” the story reads.

Bettinah was one of the many fashion enthusiasts that turned up for the ASFAs at the Kampala Serena Hotel last night. The event happens every year, awards the best performing people in the fashion industry.

Her followers however didn’t not take the message lightly as they started making fan of her by calling her names like Robocop saying she looked like a wrestler while others advised her to stay away from public events if she doesn’t want her pictures used anywhere.

Here are some more responses from her followers

Serah Sash: Naye nawe bettinah relax what if WWE wants to employ you nga Uganda misses out on that opportunity? Tulekemu kanyama nawe

Damon Trott: If the photos are in the public domain and no one is making money from them then she can cry as much as she likes

Orii Bucha Maquin: Just because they didn’t have a coat from peter musizi wa langi ???. Finally I saw the girl nga ali ku oligino?????

Brenda Areto Okotkotber: Someone please share nga these people can dish people in that their show….let us have a taste of this medicine. I can’t wait for the next show on project fame oooo…Taz I said nothing?????

Rhona Joy Serwanga: Siffe twagambye to pose like a bodybuilder ?

Macey Azariah: We have always showed her with love and she has never complained. This time I was abit disappointed. The first time I saw the picture I thought it was just a bad angle or something. Then I saw other pictures and the pose was the same. Hmmh.

Nataly M Kasujja: If kwekaza was a person ?? just accept that you got your outfit wrong this year and wait for next year msteeewwww

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