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Bettinah wants no photos of her taken at Blankets and Wine


Yesterday we woke up to a message from Betty Nassali aka Bettinah Tianah warning people to restrain from using photos of her that were taken at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFAs). This was because most social media users were criticizing her outfit and her looks saying she had not pulled it off this time round and she was smart.

For someone who criticized others when it comes to fashion, she took the criticism pretty hard.

Today she has informed photographers that she will not be taking any photos while attending Blankets and Wine be it by professional photographers or those using phone cameras. She made this announcement on her social media pages a few hours ago.

Her followers didn’t not take it lightly as they hurried to respond. Lyn Hoxe commenter that  “Naffe tetwagala, Waliwo atatya ssimu yye kwabika? Simply meaning we also don’t want who wants their phone to break Doz poses may crush our innocent phones” and Tuwape Francis said “Don’t try this here in Uganda, just be polite to people miss, photo rights?  It’s because of these people’s data that’s why you are up there.  Wait they stop liking and sharing those photos then u will see what it means to belittle your fans.  Am respecting your request!!!!!!”

Let’s wait and see how this ends.

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