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Artists who make it to Bebe Cool’s annual list to earn Shs5m 

Like him or not, Bebe Cool has been relevant on the music scene for the past 25 years. Whether in good or bad times, he has been up there.

Two years back, he started what he terms as the ‘Bebe Cool list’ where he names the artistes and songs that he believes have dominated the airwaves in a specific year.

This list has been made as a yardstick by musicians such as A Pass to weigh in on their year. Of course, some like Khalifa Aganaga didn’t embrace it and warned Bebe Cool never to put his name on the list.

To make it even more interesting, Bebe Cool said that two years from now, he going to attach monetary value to the list. He’s going to start paying musicians who feature on it.

“Starting with 2021, every artist who appears on my annual list will be rewarded with a cash prize,” he said.

Bebe Cool also revealed that he will be giving them not less than Shs5m as motivation and appreciation for working hard.

The 42-year-old further stated that as for this year, every musician should just pray hard and make it to his list because it’s more of a privilege and a blessing to all young artists.

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