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All my baby mamas and children are HIV negative – Mc Kats speaks out

Mc Kats

A lot has been said ever since popular events host Edwin Katamba came out on his HIV status. While at Wave Lounge last week, he said he is HIV positive.

In an interview today with a television station, Mc Kats confirmed what he said at Wave Lounge and said that he has been living with the virus for 8 years.

Mc Kats who has been in an on and off relationship with singer Fille who he also manages says all his baby mamas and children are safe and HIV negative. “All my six children and my baby mamas are safe and negative, if you think that I am lying and defending them, come and see the results at the museum on Sunday where I will be emceeing a show.” He said.

Kats says he has been quiet since he announced his HIV status because he needed time alone away from the media and all the bad energy.

According to him, he has been taking herbal medicine to treat the disease but herbal doesn’t work. “If you know that you are sick, please go to the hospital and get treatment, herbal medicine alone doesn’t work.” He said.

“People are sick but they don’t want to tell the world, this is not cancer or diabetes but it’s not a crime to be HIV positive. You can get help

I have been sick for 8 years I have been using herbal medicine but it doesn’t work, use medicine” he concluded.

Mc Kats will be at Wave Lounge tomorrow hosting his show dubbed King of the Mic.

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