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24 rules for city dwellers travelling upcountry for Christmas 

It is just 13 days to Christmas. The shopping malls are busy with people buying clothes, shoes and other merchandise to go and scandalise the people they left in the villages at the beginning of the year. 

Not forgetting that the pickpocketers and all manner of thugs are also out there to make a killing. Yes, it is all sorts of moods, but one person out there thinks you all need a reminder! 

We came across this list on the internet and while we can not ascertain the source, we believe it is good information worth sharing with you. 

The rules

  1. Come with your preferred Toothpaste brand. Stop asking for certain brands not sold in the village.
  2. Travel with Bread instead of asking people at home for bread at break time yet they never have it.
  3. If you cant buy Toothpicks, just don’t ask the people at home whether they have them. It’s rare to find a shop where toothpicks are sold in the village.
  4. Stop asking for simple things like salads. Enjoy what’s available.
  5. Travel with your Tomato Sauce if you must have it
  6. If you cant bathe using washing soap or Kifula, move with Bathing Soap
  7. While in the village or church, speak your native language not broken English or Luganda
  8. Don’t ask for complicated hair cuts and styles in the village. Do them from here and stop complicating the lives of people upcountry
  9. Those with notes of 50,000, please look for change so that you don’t disturb upcountry people with heavy notes more so in church
  10. As a matter of fact, buy enough Toilet paper for the family
  11. Those who can’t eat bread without Blue band or Prestige margarine, please go with them in your travel bags
  12. Don’t forget to have your own Lotions to avoid harassing people who use other things instead of lotions
  13. If possible, go with ironed clothes or buy a Flat iron for the family in the village. They will appreciate
  14. Go with enough pocket money. Some upcountry places have no Mobile Money services and you don’t need to blame anyone
  15. Go with your Power bank and Phone charger because power can be a problem upcountry
  16. Don’t forget your Bibles. I repeat don’t forget Bibles. Those scenarios of swelling in church yet you have no bibles must be left in Kampala
  17. Don’t give long and boring speeches in church if given an opportunity to greet people
  18. Don’t try to change what’s on ground or in church just because you are from Kampala
  19. Don’t think your Offertory will be collected in a special way just because you are from Kampala
  20. If you buy things in church, pay cash, please. Those things of buying every item in church on credit ended long ago. Don’t burden churches leaders with following up on you in vain
  21. Leave your Miniskirts and tight clothes in Kampala. You are not travelling to show off your flesh. After all, some ladies upcountry are naturally gifted than you
  22. Don’t ask why people at home have no Television yet you never bought one for them. Instead, go with a TV set if you must watch your movies and Bukedde series
  23. Lastly but not least, don’t bring all things from home and you cause hunger in January
  24. Leave some money behind as you travel, otherwise you will walk back to Kampala.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020.

Kudos to the person who crafted these guidelines!

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