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Born to conquer music and fashion

stylish. Five years in the game, B2C (Born 2 Conquer) a local music trio of Bobby Lash, Delivad Julio and Mr Lee have gone ahead to top charts. Arguably one of Uganda’s biggest music groups, they have not only impressed on the mic, but they have also made such fashion statements from their performances and music videos. Isaac Ssejjombwe catches up with them to see how important fashion is to their career.

What fashion sense describes B2C?
We define ourselves as elegant. We dress for the occasion in simple terms.

Why this particular style?
Because we tend to grace every function the way it’s supposed to be graced. If it’s a wedding, we dress accordingly to it. If it’s a concert, we dress for it.

When did you start dressing the same way?
When we decided to do music as a trio.

Whose idea was it?
Because it is a group, we all agreed on it. We did it for the brand and to be different.

Where do you buy clothes from?
It depends. Some are custom made like we have Fabulous Fashions who make most of our suits and other clothes, then we sometimes buy from other people and shops.

How much do they cost? Each attire?
We don’t have a specific amount we spend on our clothes. All we can say is that the clothes are affordable for us. We can’t put a price tag to it.

How long do you change your wardrobes?
Often. Depending on the number of gigs or events we have. Each show or interview has its own clothes. We don’t wear the same clothes more than once.

How many same clothes do you guys own?
We haven’t gotten time to count them.

You said earlier you don’t wear the same clothes twice, what happens to them after?
Most of the times we give them out.

How much do you guys spend on shopping?
We spend a lot on our attires. In this business, you need your best look and it means investing.

Do you all gym?
Yes we do.

Which gym do you go to?
We work out at Kash Gym in Muyenga Bukasa.

How much do you spend ?
We spend shs20,000 for two to three hours and we do it every day.

And saloon.
We go to Posh Junction.

What services do you get over there?
We go for facial, massage and haircuts and trimming.

How often do you visit the saloon?
Every after two weeks.

Individual questions
Mr.Lee (Mugisha Richard)

What perfume do you wear?
I use three perfumes. Mont blac Explorer, Gucci and One million.
How much do you spend on them?
Mont blac goes for $65, Gucci $60 and One million $75.
Where do you buy them from?
Dubai or sometimes at Airport duty-free shops.

What is the most expensive item in your wardrobe?
Suits, chains and boots. Very expensive items from France, Italy and the USA although I can’t disclose the amount.
What is the cheapest item?
Stockings. You know how much they cost.

Bobby lash (Ssali Peterson)
What perfume do you use?
I wear Mont black explorer, Versace, Hugo red and cologne boss.
How much are they?
Mont black explorer ($65), Versace ($40), Hugo red and cologne boss ($35).
Where do you buy them?
At the Airport duty free.
Most expensive items in your wardrobe?
French court, suits gold and silver chains.
Where do you buy them?
Italy and Germany.
And the cheapest?
Push in sandals.

Delivad Julio (Kasagga Julius)
Which perfume do you wear?
I use two perfumes Mont Blac and Hugo boss.
Where do you buy them from?
I usually buy them from Duty free Airport.
Most expensive item in your wardrobe?
Suits and shoes. I can’t explain how much I buy them but they are really expensive.

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