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ASFAs: Pigeons, big hearts and shirtless men

FASHION MISSES: The Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards finally happened and as expected, most of the guests went out of their way to stand out. For some though, the attempts may have gone a little overboard and they ended up confusing us.

The highly-anticipated Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards happened last Friday at Kampala Serena Hotel conference centre. And I’m delighted to announce that yours truly scooped the award (third win by the way) for the Fashion Media Excellence Award at the event. And I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for your support over the years.

Now, I know I speak for a couple of other people when I say that I did expect some really wild outfits to come onto the red carpet. But nothing could have prepared me for what some of the guests showed up in. Pinocchio masks, extremely oiled up shirtless men, caged birds and larger than life hearts are some of the fashion moments that the 2019 Asfas red carpet was blessed with. So in no particular order, here’s an array of some of the most dumbfounding red carpet moments from the evening.

Lydia Jazmine

If there was a battle for the most extra outfit from the night, Lydia Jazmine takes it. Not only did her dress have an over-the-top trail, it had its own carriage team that consisted of heavily oiled shirtless men. And as if things could not get any crazier, her accessory of choice was a caged pigeon! On another day, I probably would have loved this look, But not with that top, that was simply pieces of bra pads held together by struggling strings.

Spice Diana

I first saw her look when she got on stage to receive her accolade for the Most stylish Artiste of the year. And her red dress already had fitting issues, as it kept leaving her underwear on show. It is later that I realised that there was a piece of the ensemble that did not make it inside the venue; a larger than life matching “heart”. I would need a whole page to exhaust my feelings on this dress.

Mavo Kampala

The award recipient for the fashion Stylist of the Year probably carried his super powers with him as a good luck charm; judging from his choice of outfit. It was something between a batman wanna be costume, and a Halloween Pinocchio look. The all-black look possibly wins the worst outfit slot from the evening.

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