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SK Mbuga to open TV station for wife

SK Mbuga and Vivienne on their wedding day

After almost two years behind bars, socialite Suleiman Kabangala Mbuga, a.k.a SK Mbuga, is back to work.

The socialite, who upon his return said he will resume the construction of his Nushiffa Hospital, seems to have been serious about his words because as we speak, work has already resumed. And that is not the only thing he is working on.

Word we have is that SK Mbuga is establishing a TV station and according to sources close to him, the station is not Mbuga’s idea but rather his wife, Vivienne’s.

“Vivienne has always wanted to own a TV station and when SK Mbuga returned from prison, she told him to invest in the station that will be called Select4Fun (S4F),” the source told us.

On Monday, Mbuga was spotted at Kampala Serena Hotel lobby with four unidentified people talking TV business.

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