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Fun Factory leaves revellers yearning for more madness



Members of Fun Factory comedy group during their stage performances at Five Star madness on November 29, 2019. PHOTOS BY EDDIE CHICCO



It was pure comedy last evening as Fun Factory attempted to prove they are the biggest comedy franchise in Uganda when it comes to the entertainment industry.



The comedy group put up an exhilarating performance at Serena Hotel Victoria Hall that left revellers asking for more. The one-month preparation was worth it as the venue was nearly filled. Most of their skits fresh and the few they repeated were twisted to everyone’s satisfaction.


This also acted as a full comeback for Frobisher Lwanga who has been on and off the stage since the demise of his wife a year ago. Comedienne Anne Kansiime who was thought to have quit the group also put up an eye-wetting performance.

Skit after skit, the group hit on what the crowd seemed to enjoy. They played the Rema-Hamza relationship before they delved into cultural and religious skits. However, one of the best performances of the night was when Zizinga and Simon Base Kalema acted as Angels looking for prominent people to drag into hell’s burning fire.

Much as they wanted the president to go to hell, his friend Jesus (Frobisher) blocked them. They had to involve his mother (Namanda) who ordered them to send the president into the flames but just when he had reached, he was brought back on stage by former president Idi Amin Dada (Salvado) who said that Museveni doesn’t deserve a place in hell because everyone wants a piece of him. From Obote, Kaweesi and Aronda. With no choice, because he was denied hell and couldn’t be sent to heaven, they decided to send him back to earth.



Salvado was one of the surprise acts they advertised and so were Madrat and Chiko as well as Amooti. The four were blended into the group’s skits that you would think they are part of the franchise.

Earlier on, Kenneth Mugabi serenaded revellers with his live music performance doing songs like Kibunomu and Naki among others, warming up their stage.

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