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Wait for ghetto testimonies

BUCHAMAN: Mark Bugembe known to many as Buchaman was recently appointed presidential advisor on ghetto affairs. Before that, the former vice president of Bobi Wine’s Firebase Crew was MIA on the social scene. Lawrence Ogwal caught up with him after his appointment.

How is work so far as the President’s special envoy to the ghetto?

My job has not fully started because I have just been given the office. Instead of asking me how work is so far, you should have congratulated me on the new role instead.

My job will basically involve uplifting the ghetto and changing the mindset of the ghetto people. Most people in the ghetto are biased about the government because they do not know the exact people to talk to in the government. Members of Parliament and other politicians claim to represent the ghetto but they never interact with the ghetto people; they stay in their tinted cars and never come to the ghetto. For example, Bobi Wine said he took the ghetto to Parliament but then the President would not have called me. He might have taken the ghetto to Parliament but then his aims changed for the better of him as a person. I am going to be the messenger collecting information from the ghetto people to State House and vice versa.

Some people say you are being used to fight Bobi Wine.

Why would I fight Bobi Wine yet I do not have a gun? If I was meant to fight Bobi Wine, then that would have happened 12 years ago when we were still together. I knew Bobi Wine for seven years and since we parted ways, I have never really interacted with him. Bobi and I do not talk, he does not visit me and for someone who was close to me, I believe this means we totally parted ways and nothing can make me get back with him.

Buchaman says he hopes to change the mindset of ghetto youth. PHOTOS BY MICHAEL KAKUMIRIZI

What about the stories that Bebe Cool and Balaam were not happy about your appointment?

That is not true because Bebe Cool was among the people who were happy about me meeting the President. I do not know about Balaam but I do not think he can also feel bad that I met the President.

How much were you paid by the President?

The money I was paid will be spent on doing the work I was appointed to do. I am not greedy when it comes to money and you will hear testimonies from the ghetto about Buchaman sharing money with the youth. About how much I was given, I cannot mention because it will not look professional and by the way, for me it is not about the money but working with the President.

What is your plan as Buchaman?

I cannot tell anyone my plan because the President does not like people who talk but rather those who walk the talk. I want the next time we meet, he sees development in the ghetto. The mindset of the ghetto people will finally change from stealing phones and fighting to meeting politicians and members of Parliament.

Meeting the President:

Meeting the President was God’s plan. It was my first time to meet him and unlike other people who always try hard and go through other people to meet the President, he called me himself and I do not take that for granted.







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