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Uganda set for the biggest art exhibition as Da’ Vinci comes to Kampala

The ambassador addressing the press at Italian Embassy in Kampala Photo By Gabriel Buule

It is now 500 years since Italian famed artiste Leonardo Da’ Vinci died but his art still holds a record artistry value on earth that even his art piece Salvator Mundi a depiction of Jesus Christ holding a crystal orb is the most expensive painting in the world valued at $450.3 Million.

Speaking to the media yesterday the Italian ambassador in Kampala H.E. Massimiliano Mazzanti revealed that Uganda will host the works of the Italian artist and the first African country this year to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death

“ We are proud to announce, Uganda’s first mega art exhibition, it will be the first to headline Da Vinci’s art pieces in Africa though we will later be in Adis Ababa, we choose Uganda because Italy’s relationship with the country” Said H.E. Massimiliano

The exhibition is dubbed Leonardo Opera Omnia and it will take place at Uganda Museum. It will witness a couple of Da’ Vince’s works that will include the famed Last supper, Mona Lisa , Salvator Mundi (Image of Jesus) and St John the Baptist among others.

A painting of Jesus having last supper

The exhibition that will start on 19th November 2019 and end on 5th , January 2020 follows the most important blockbuster art show in Paris that saw Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at Louvre world’s most-visited in France .

As part of the exhibition, the ambassador explained that there will be a series of storytelling about Leonardo Da, Vinci with the Children from Action for Fundamental Change and Development (AFFCAD) in Bwaise –Kampala.

He added that as part of the preparations, the Italian Embassy in Kampala and other stakeholders have renovated the main Hall of the Uganda Museum.

Born in Tuscany in 1452, Leonardo was a Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect and mathematician is known for his famous religious paintings Salvator Mundi a depiction of Jesus Christ and the last supper which are still idolized by most Christians given their story.

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