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Socialite Don Zella publically proposes to Chris Evans

Faded socialite Sheila Nadesh alias Nalongo Don Zella has come out and asked for local musician Chris Evans’ hand in marriage on her social media pages.

Through a Facebook post, Don Zella confessed her love for Chris Evans and how she is attracted to his looks. She wrote;

“I want to get married to Chris Evans I think his cute and kind ani alina akanamba nkoye ba smart wire abange mulaba mutya?”

Loosely translated as “I want to get married to Chris Evans I think his cute and kind. Who has his number, am tired of smart wires, what is your take.”

However, Don Zella might be headed for a very big disappointment basing on the musician’s reply.

Chris Evans had his say about the entire situation as he also took to his Facebook replying to Don Zella’s proposal.

“Nalongo Don Zella I saw ur msg. Let me think about it, mpayo akadde. Bwonoolaba sikuzzeemu, then nga omanya kigaanye.” Chris Evans replied in a post. This simply means “Nalongo Don Zella I saw your message. Let me think about it, give me time. If you don’t get a reply, then you will know things failed.”

Looks like the motor-mouthed socialite has a thing for young musicians as she has dated to Ibrahim Mayanja commonly known as Big Eye who she has a son with.

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