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Sipapa claims he got his wealth from collecting empty water bottles

Have you seen young boys on the streets of Kampala collecting empty water bottles in sacks, well, don’t be surprised if in a few years they become millionaires?

However hard it is to believe, socialite Sipapa sold that story to the president of Uganda when they met a few weeks ago. Now we understand that these boys receive about shs1,000 for a full sack but Sipapa real names Charles Otim told the president that it is through that hustle that he has been able to attain all his wealth, according to promoter Balaam Barugahara.

Balaam was hosted on Radio 4 recently to speak about the president’s move of having musicians as his advisors and he said the president can meet anyone so long as they have something to say to him, something that can change the country.

“Sipapa met the president recently and he was given an audience because he told the president that he accumulated his wealth through collecting plastic bottles,” he said.

Sipapa has over five cars each believed to cost not less than shs300million among other reaches and his request to the president is to have his other cars that were impounded by URA to be released. He’s among the wealth city socialites and was among the first people who met the president soon after Full Figure and Buchaman.


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