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Sheebah recreates childhood memories with her mother

A few years back, Sheebah almost clobbered a journalist who attacked her mother on air. She emphasized that it’s okay for anyone to attack her but never say a word about her mother.

Even when the journalist apologized, she still insisted that he does it using the same platform he used when he was attacking her.

This is the kind of protection every parent would expect from a child and it explained how far she would go to ensure that her mother is kept out of the public.

Well, Sheeba made 30 years today. Whether this is her real age or not, it’s a debate for another day but she used the opportunity to recreate her childhood memories with her mother.

The ‘Enyanda’ singer appeared in a photo shoot, clad in the same outfit with her mother and gave a short story about the moment. She said that her mother didn’t have enough money to buy them clothes and that she would only manage to get a cloth from the remains of gomesi’s from the mother.

“When I was growing up, mama didn’t have enough money to buy all of us clothes. So every time she got a new Gomesi, I got a new little dress from the remaining material, which I found so Cool!!” she said.

Since she now has the ability to buy her own clothes, she decided to design the same outfit for her mother on her birthday. “Recreating this moment at my home with my beautiful mama was very emotional for me. Thank you mama for being brave enough to bring me into this world. You are my hero. Am so lucky I was raised by a strong woman like you. Am going to make you more proud mama, I promise. May God Bless us with more Life, Health, Happiness & Wealth.”

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