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Rema outlines where Kenzo went wrong

For some time now, it has been Eddy Kenzo who has come out in the media to talk about his relationship with ex-girlfriend Rema Namakula. What Rema has been doing is concentrating on her new relationship with Hamza.

Usually they say listen to both sides of the story before you make judgement and what Ugandans have been doing is take whatever Kenzo has been feeding them with. What Rema has decided to do is pass on her message through lyrics in her songs and in her posts. Yesterday she put up a post and outlined Hamza’s strong points which apparently where not Kenzo’s.

“For the first time I have found someone, I hate leaving, I have found someone that I can’t get enough of, I have found someone that accepts me for who I am and doesn’t tell me I need to change, I think I have found someone who I can fall in love with,” reads her tweet.

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