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‘Parte after parte’ tops Kenya Apple music charts

Big Tril

For musicians, there is always that one song that will change your life. For Chameleone, it was ‘Maama Mia’, for Bobi Wine, it was ‘Kagoma’. For Sheeba it was ‘Ice Cream’ and for Big Tril, it’s ‘Parte after parte’.

The song has become a hit not only in Uganda but the rest of Africa. He considers it an anthem and it’s fast becoming one. Despite the fact that the song has been around for more than three months, it is picking pace beyond the Ugandan borders.

According to information we have gotten, Big Tril is the first Ugandan to top Kenya’s Apple Music top 100. He is also the first Ugandan with an official entry in the Nigerian Apple Music top 100 as well as being the first Ugandan to have a number one song in Kenya, Zambia and Malawi.

Because of the song, Big Tril is apparently one of the most booked artistes in Uganda with over five shows every week.

He recently hit back at critics who said Ugandans would never understand his style because it’s too urban, and those who advised him to rap in Luganda because he would never have a big song rapping in English.

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