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Nigerian businessman brings African version of Youtube to Uganda

Nigerian Businessman Osita Oparaugo who started Ogelle, an online user-generated content platform, has extended the platform to the Ugandan market. 

Mr Oruaugo defines Ogelle as the African version of Youtube and says that it will be used to promote African content.

The Platform was launched 7 months ago in Rwanda and hosts its head office there. 

Speaking to the press at Hilton Hotel where the Ogelle Platform and Application was launched, Mr Oparaugo said that it is time for Africans to embrace their own. 

Asked why he didn’t start it in Nigeria which is his home, Mr Oparaugo said that Nigeria has a big population and launching the Platform first in Nigeria who make it a Nigerian-owned Application but rather he decided to start in Rwanda then Nigeria as he stretches to other countries.

The Application or Platform just like Youtube will have users sign up and post their own content that will be paid for depending on how much traffic the video posted has. 

He added that he is already working with Ugandans who are brand Ambassadors of Ogelle and one of them in the Film department is John Segawa. Besides Ogelle, Mr Oparaugo is the CEO of Reddot Television Network Limited in Nigeria.

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