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Museveni gives Big Eye and King Michael 30 cows each

King Michael Meets President Museveni

Among the NRM die-hard supporters in the music industry, only Big Eye and King Michael had not been received the Presidential recognition.

Catherine Kusasira and Bebe Cool are strategically positioned and after a series of pleas from the big man, he has finally heard their cries and acted accordingly.

Yesterday, the president through his music manager Balaam Barugahara gifted Big Eye and King Michael with 30 cows each to go and start a new journey in agriculture. Besides that, the president also gave the musicians Shs10million.

“I, Balaam and Bebe Cool went to the president and requested him to look into Big Eye and King Michael’s issues and today, he has acted accordingly and given them something. The president has gifted each with 30 cows,” said Catherine Kusasira.

For King Michael, this was too much of what he expected and he promised to be among those to campaign for the president, come next general elections. “There were a lot of cows at Kololo recently and I was told they were to be slaughtered. I told Balaam that they too many just to be eaten and that they should just be grazed so he promised to talk to the president about this and today, after receiving a call from Balaam, I was given 30 cows. I will be taking them to Luwero where I will be grazing them from. Come 2022, my voice is going to be sharp from the milk I will be drinking,” said an excited Michael.

Catherine Kusasira and Bebe Cool also received 50 cows each and a sum of about shs30million to also boost their lives.

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