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Mc Kats shoots himself in the foot, returns to Fame Lounge

TV presenter and events emcee Edwin Katamba alias Mc Kats is one man who will always speak his mind. He will say it as it is and doesn’t fear anyone apart from God. This is one statement that put him in trouble a few weeks back with Fame lounge management where he was hosting a theme night.

Kats got into an altercation with the management of the bar to the extent that he threw in the towel. We are still not sure whether he quit or was fired but what we are so certain about is that he’s back at Fame Lounge barely five weeks after he left.

Fille’s baby dad had been employed at Pearl of Africa hotel for his Celebrity night that happened for just a number of weeks but was stopped after revelers failed to turn up although he said the night failed because of high prices at the hotel.

He confirmed that he will be communicating a new venue for his theme night but little did we know he was heading back to Fame Lounge, the same place he said he had vow never return to. Before he threw in the towel T Fame Lounge, he had abused the employees especially the manager of the bar known as Stuart who he said is a villager among other things.

Guess this is where the statements that ‘After a relationship has gone bad, you are advised not say too much…” comes from.

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