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Less Nsenene, more entertainment and games at Nsenene Ku Beat Festival

The weekend was eventful with mostly Festivals that happened on the different corners of Kampala. Among these were the Kadodi Festival, Chicken Festival, Enturire Festival and Nsenene Ku Beat Festival that took place at Naguru Hilltop.

The Festival which started on the low with rain trying to disrupt later gained oomph when it stopped raining and youthful revellers started storming the grounds to enjoy different kinds and delicacies of Nsenene (Grasshoppers). 

Like the name of the event suggested, revellers were meant to enjoy different kinds of Nsenene as they jam to music played by DJs and performed by the artistes. The Nsenene was too packaged and perhaps seemed somehow too expensive for most of the revellers.

They were seen playing cards and others resorting to face painting as they waited for performances to kick off. 

Singers Soul Sister and Simon Bunks were among the people who opened up the performances of the night. After Soul Sister, new singer Simon Bunks put up a great performance raising the bar with his songs like Sombrero, Zange and Njiwamu.

Njiwamu that seemed to be the crowd’s favourite was performed thrice when the crowd demanded him to do so. Other performances came from singer Jowy Landa and the show that was hosted by comedians Collins Emeka, Optional Allan and Ollo was supposed to be climaxed by singer Pia Pounds although she didn’t show up. 

The first edition of the Nsenene Ku Beat attracted a moderate crowd and the organisers promised better in the subsequent editions.

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