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Julius Kyazze ventures into plastics

Just in case you are wondering how far Julius Kyazze will go as far as building his business empire is concerned, well seems like the Swangz Avenue boss is just getting started.

He started small with ‘Buzz magazine’ for secondary schools many years ago, which he shortly after followed with the annual ‘Buzz Tenniez awards’.

In 2008 he and his friend and business partner Benon Mugumya opened Swangz Avenue an audio and film production house in Uganda, but is more lined with music production projects, artiste management and promotion. You would think that with Swangz Avenue doing well, Kyazze doesn’t need to start another venture.

Well like any other business man, when an opportunity presents itself they quickly embrace it. News reaching us is that has ventured into something new and this time round, it is not entertainment related
Apparently Kyazze has opened a plastic production factory and he took to social media to share the big news on his social media pages.

“Our fairly young journey in manufacturing has brought us this far. At our factory on Salama road, we produce these bottles and different caps in different colors, for your different packaging needs. Our range of plastic bottles can be used to pack Honey, Ketchup, Liquid Detergent, Wine, soft drinks, sauces, medicine and more…” Kyazze posted.
Artistes and friends of Kyazze were quick to comment with congratulatory messages.

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