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I am fed up of people asking me for money – Promoter Balaam

Events promoter and marketer, Balaam Barugahare has come out and expressed how tired he is of being asked for money from different people yet he isn’t doing financially well himself.  “People come to me asking for money claiming that I am the one who approaches the president directly. I have never received any coin from him, I am instead the one who invests in him.”

Balaam adds that he has done jobs for the president but he has still not received his payment that may even equate to billions. “If me supporting the president makes people think that I get money, then I am going to stop and go back to Masindi and farm.”

Balaam continues to say that he has his own responsibilities as a person and those that are always in his office asking for help, they should instead go to the president’s office directly. He adds that to his surprise, people have a small say and within a minute, they are living a good life. Balaam also advises people to use NRM representatives in situations where they need help.



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