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EAGT judge Vanessa Mdee in love, says she knew he was the one after two days

If you watched East Africa Got talent, you sure must remember Vanessa Mdee, the judge with plenty of tears and emotions; the one that gave our girl Leina Kagere a golden buzzer! Yes that one!

A few weeks ago, rumours that she was dating Nigerian-American Actor, Olurotimi Akinosho a.k.a. Rotimi swept across Tanzania like a wildfire. The singer has finally opened up about her newfound romance, The Citizen reports.

Her most recent post on Instagram shows the pint-sized singer in a world of her own heading for a Monday night date.

In an interview, Mdee said that her new love has changed her completely and that it took her two days to realize that he was the man she had been waiting for.

The couple met through a friend in July, during an after-party at Essence Festival in the US where the singer was invited to perform.

Mdee says the vibe they had made them go hours just talking, “it felt like we had known each other for years.”

And all the pieces fell in place when they decided to take a break after very many years without taking leave from work.

“He asked me; do you think you need a break, I said I think I need a break and while there, we decide to switch off our phones and stay away from social media,” Vanessa told celebrity website Millard Ayo.

She added: I am not a young girl, so I know what it feels like when you meet someone who you will stay with for life.”

She says her newfound love has taken time to know her and mould her into something better.

Rotimi has appeared in movies and TV series such as Deuces, Imperial Dreams, and Burning Sands and right now he is on TV series Power.

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