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Dr Hamza splashes money to people on his way to Rema’s home

Hamza slashing notes of shs10000 on his way to Rema’s home

Dr Hamza Ssebunya surprised people in Nabbingo when he showed a character that many didn’t know he owned. On his way to where the introduction ceremony was going to take place, Ssebunya who realized many people were screaming his name got his head out of the car through the moon roof with notes of Shs10,000 notes.

Ssebunya who was not known for being naughty splashed money like a rich man to the people who kept on following the car. He was perhaps happy that he has reached the day that the Lord had made or he just wanted to show the in-laws how he is a rich man who will take good care of their daughter.

The Ceremony that is taking place in Nabbingo attracted many people from friends to singers, socialites and Journalists who were on invite only.


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