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I am the best hip hop artiste – Lyrical G

THE RETURN: Jeff Kintu, better known by his stage name Lyrical G, is a veteran Ugandan rapper, songwriter, record producer, and vocalist. He is one of the artistes responsible for shaping Uganda’s hip hop industry and after almost 10 years of being under the radar, he recently dropped a new album. Isaac Ssejjombwe caught up with him.

Where has Lyrical G been?

LG has been up and about…my last album Feel Good Music dropped in 2015 before I left the country for Abu Dhabi to pursue other business. I returned in 2017 and have been preparing and writing my latest album, Geezy, a 15-track album that took me two months to record and complete. I started working on it in June and finished at the end of July.

We have a new crop of hip hop artistes. What’s your take on them and UG music now, generally?

The new crop of hip hoppers is doing their thing. The old guard are also doing their thing. You cannot complain, but just keep moving and try to maintain what you do. I am more than capable of handling myself against any of the players in the rap game. It is all evident with my new album, otherwise I would never have reached where I am right now – more than 15 years in the game and nine albums. I have seen artistes come and go, yet I am still here. Lol.

Ugandan music has come a long way. The evolution is there for everyone to see. Back then it was a few of us doing it on a serious level, now you have artistes of all kinds and calibre. The only sad thing is there are still a lot of people that do not really even know why they are doing music. For many, it has always been about the money, fame and women, etc. I remember a time when it was all about the love for music. Salute to those that are releasing quality projects though, it is refreshing to hear how dope your music sounds.

Is Geezy supposed to be your comeback album?

I do not just compile songs and release them as an album like most of these other artistes do. I always conceptualise my projects and release stuff that the listener can follow from start to end, like a story or movie. That is the one major characteristic about me. Listen to any of my other projects (Live From East Africa, Narudi, Grown Man Talk, 1st & Flow Most, Simple & Plain, Feel Good Music, etc) you will figure out what I am trying to relate. All those albums follow a certain pattern that you will not find with many other rappers’ works. So nuh, it is not a comeback album, it is mandatory I keep releasing music to inspire, educate and entertain.

If you were to battle any artiste, who would it be?

Battle? Lol. Isn’t that a waste of time and resources? Give me that money and I will put together the best of the best hip hoppers and have them give you a performance of their life. The culture of battling is outdated to me. I am neither on the come up nor am I new to this. I already played my part and now doing what veterans do… Maintain!

Why hip hop?

Growing up, I was exposed to so many genres of music. I am talking soul, pop, reggae and country but truth be told, there was a certain way I felt when I was first introduced to hip hop and rap music. It is a very special form of music, a way of life that can never be out-matched or outdone.

I never forgot the other genres of music though, that is the reason I blend my rap with other genres. You will hear pop, soul and Rn’B sounds and influences in all my albums. I am a fan of all genres but for me and my peers, hip hop will always rule.

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