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Zungulu’s Ivan Kyeyune narrates how he survived death in the hands of machete-wielding thugs


A photo combo of NTV journalist Ivan Kyeyune on his hospital bed at Life Link hospital in Kyaliwajjala, Wakiso District. COURTESY PHOTO


Mr Ivan Kyeyune, the voice behind the famous NTV Zungulu segment on Friday narrowly survived death on his way home.
Mr Kyeyune who was discharged today (Sunday) morning narrated that on the fateful day, he boarded a random boda boda motorcycle after his car developed a mechanical problem.

“I survived narrowly. On Friday night, it rained a lot. My car had a problem so I requested for an Uber and all cars were cancelling but I think it is because the network was overwhelmed. After waiting for an hour, I decided to just take a boda boda because I thought it could rain until morning,” Mr Kyeyune said.
Hardly did he know that the cyclist he picked would turn out to be one of his assailants.

Mr Kyeyune who was heading to Namugongo in Wakiso District got a boda boda from Tuskys Supermarket in Ntinda, Kampala.
On reaching the Y-junction, the motorcyclist decided to take the Kyambogo route instead of Kiwatule road which had less traffic jam.
The motorcyclist claimed that it was the shorter.
Mr Kyeyune did not sense danger at first because he sometimes uses the same route.

When they reached Kabaka’s farm in Kyambogo in Kampala, the motorcyclist did not use the route Mr Kyeyune had expected but instead rode deep into neighbourhoods of fenced houses.
“That is when I sensed danger. I asked and he said, if I was afraid, he would rejoin the other route I expected him to follow,” Mr Kyeyune explains.
No sooner had they joined the route than Mr Kyeyune noticed another motorcycle carrying two other passengers coming from the opposite direction.

“It sort of confirmed my suspicions they were up to something. I started thinking of an escape plan. I decided to focus on the passengers because I knew the riders could do two things at ago at that particular moment,” Mr Kyeyune added.
When Mr Kyeyune jumped off the motorcycle, one of the passengers on the other motorcycle also jumped off with a panga in his hands.
He ran towards Mr Kyeyune and directed the machete at his head.
In an attempt to protect himself, Mr Kyeyune raised his left hand which was cut.

“My instincts were telling me not to let him raise the machete a second time because I would be finished,” Mr Kyeyune said.
“I held him tightly and when we fell, I managed to sneak from his arms because I sensed that if he called for support from his colleagues, I would be dead person,” Mr Kyeyune said before he added that it happened in a splint of seconds.


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